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brown town

January 5, 2010
So much for trying to catch you up with all the stuff thats happened. I figure i’ll just keep you current instead. So the details stay fresh. this way we’ll both be on the same page. A lot has happened, yes thats true, but im sure theres alot more to come as well. The way things have been going as of late, theyre inevitably bound to. besides, I cant keep recapping past events little by little. I need to fill you in as to what is currently going on. Today, wrtie now, right now!
Well for one thing ive rekindled an old friendship with a ghost from the past. My old pal Solice is back in the picture. we bumped in to each other at a mutual friends new years shindig. its been ages. We both got in to drugs together years back. around the time i was graduating high school. So we’ll say…2003? Wow 7 years ago. Seems like yesterday. Haha cliche i know, but in reality it really was ages ago. I can barely even remember the drug addled days of our youth. Tweeking for weeks on end. Breaking into houses and cars, stealing, robbing, fucking, guns, knives, etc.
After high school i was stuck in this meandering sort of state. My dad offered to float me while i figured out what i wanted to do with my life. flash forward to 2010 and im still trying to figure that one out. me and solice both. I swear it feels just like old times. Just goes to show you how everything comes full circle. i feel myself getting back into the habits of those old days. But at the same time it feels wholly new, like this reunion is maybe a sort of closure to the past. Or something. Me and solice stopped talking after he fucked my girlfriend at the time. Things were like that tho. Our lives were crazy. Nothing was sacred. Nothing was off limits. We didnt think about consequences, we sorta just did things to do them. I dunno if that makes sense. But its how it went down.
I remember this one time me and solice hooked up with these chicks we sold shard too. sisters. Blondes! We partied for days and days and stayed at their big ass house while their dad was out of town. We had nowhere to go and nothing to do. weeks passed. We fucked, swam in their big ass pool, did lots of drugs and fucked summore. That is until the one fateful night where solice fucked up with the chick he was with.
I was passed out naked on their daddies billiard table. me and the chick i ended up with were spread out after a long night of kinky sex. I remember putting the large end of a pool cue in her vagina and fucking her from across the table with it. She was a freak. A couple puffs off a bulb and i could  have her going ass to mouth. Ohhh and the stains! Her dads pool table was covered with them after all the hours of crazy sex, it was a kind of game we played haha.
Anyway things were great back then. It seemed like we lived in that giant house that summer. But one night… Solice came in freaked, i was half naked/asleep with krista. I immediately assumed the worst. His bitch OD’d. Which in retrospect wouldve been a real nightmare, she was only 15! Though she was the older sister by two years. haha. anyway solice wouldnt say anything, we both snuck out half naked, putting on our clothes in the street. he kept motioning me to be quiet everythime i tried to ask him what was going on. I could tell he was upset so i  followed him despite the lack of information. I even left Krista spread out naked, alone  on the pool table, dozens of crusty white streaks and stains surrounded her on the flat green surface of the pool table. she looked beautiful, like a pale angel submerged in a field of motionless stars. That was the last time i saw her. and after i heard solice’s story i knew it would/should stay that way.
Apparently solice lost control of his bowels during sleep. He recounted to me his horror story of waking up covered in his own shit, beside him, a clueless young girl passed out in some sort of drug coma. He didnt know how to explain what had happened, let alone how he would ever outlive the ghastly predicament. So he bailed. We both did. Never to return. The truely terrible part, he didnt reveal to me til later. not only did he abandon a pretty young blonde sleeping in a bed full of his own fresh shit. he had infact”covered his tracks” so to speak. Meaning he took his shit that was on the bed, shoved it down the backside of the unassuming young girls panties and took ff. Making it appear as though she was the one who had the accident.
It was the first story we recounted the night of our reunion. Sooo many questins resurfaced. Hidden memories from a filthy past. the poor girl is prolly still in therapy. All sorts of issues must plague her. Fear of intimacy, knowing that at anythime she may shit herself while sleeping next to a boy she fancies and such. We may never know. Solice and i had other stories and people to discuss as well. A lifetime of memories seemingly. Though our freindship lasted only but a few short years.
Seeing him at the new years party i attended was a shock to say the least. We threw our arms around each other and all past hostility vanished like long forgotten stains on an antique billiard table. Weve been inseperable in the days following. my girlfriend was glad to meet one of my old friends and she actually hasnt minded him crashing over the last couple of nights. He’s fast asleep in the other room, but i cant sleep. Its been a while since ive tweaked and i must say i have missed it. My girlfriend is used to seeing me up at all hours so she doesnt suspect a thing. Solice chased his glass with some brown we procured earlier from another old friend he’s still kept in touch with, Mooch. But im saving mine for tommorow.
Like i said im living for the present now. And from now on i will try to keep my writing current as well. I see big things in store for tommorow.
We shall see,
Luke Havergal

strange strange coupla days

December 21, 2009

so i met this chick last week at the movies. me and my buddy went to go see the new lars von trier film and she was sitting in the row in front of us. she was cute. dark hair, red lips, kinda pale. curvy. just my type. my girlfriend has light hair and is tall and toned. almost the polar opposite of this chick. dont get me wrong tho, shes very sensual in her own way too. but if we’re being completely honest id rather have soft voluptuous curves over toned and tight any day. so needless to say i was gunna try to chat up this bird after the flick. unbelievably she was there sans escort. i kept checking out her and her reactions during the movie. the way she unflinchingly observed the genital mutilation scenes turned me on, she had ordered a basket of fries or something and she chomped lightly on them as the gore rolled on the screen.

i had to pee after the movie so i rushed to the wc. when i got out i had lost track of her. my friend said he thought he saw her go into the ladies room so i hovered around there pretending to be texting on my phone or something. a few minutes passed and i was beggining to think she wasnt in there. especially seeing as how several other ladies had come both in and out during the duration of my “texting.” the theater was closing around us, so we started heading for the exits.
apparently my friend was wrong. she was practically right in front of us in fact, sitting on a bench texting on her phone. she was slightly hidden behind on oversized cardboard display for the new tim burton movie. she was wearing a black skirt, her legs were crossed indian style on the bench and i could see a small patch of her white cotton panties as she looked down intently at her iphone. i thought she mustve seen me hanging around in front of the womens restroom peeking in and lurking about. i dont think she knew her underwear were showing. either that or she didnt care. her ample chest was heaving out towards me as well. full c’s i would say. maybe even d’s. she had a crucifix around around her neck, it dangled blasphemously between her huge perfectly shaped tits. i was getting hard again just approaching this girl. i had to struggle to keep myself from staring at her chest while we talked.
she told me she was waiting for a friend to pick her up but that she wasnt answering the phone. she seemed kind of upset. apparently her friend was supposed to meet her to see the movie. she didnt show and now she couldnt even get a hold of her. she took the bus to get to the theater but needed a ride back seeing as how the busses stop running after twelve. my friend took off to his place pretty much on cue. Leaving me alone with her outside in the movie theater parking lot. i offer her a ride in my car. after the obligatory speech about how im not a psycho and such. i even admitted that i was waiting for her outside the ladies room for like 10 minutes. she laughed and told me she was watching me from the bench and thought i mightve been doing something like that. she commented on the nick cave sticker on my car, then hopped in and we were on our way.
she lived waaaay on the other side of town. mustve been quite a few transfers by bus. the neighborhood she lived in was vaguely familiar though. we listened to trailer trash tracys on the way to her place. she said she had never heard of them but that she was really into old shoegazey stuff. she cited a band called alisons halo as one of her all time fav’s. so far so good i thought. she seemed like a really cool chick.

when we got to her place she offered to burn me a cd of alisons halo to thank me for the ride. i said, i’d like that, and we went in to her place. she immediately began picking up around the house, asking me to forgive the mess. it wasnt all that bad though. lots of clothes lying around, nothing unusual. she took off her shoes and motioned me to come up stairs with her. i got a pretty good look at her panties again as she rushed to the top of the starcase,, but i tried not to make it too obvious that i was looking. she got on itunes and started making me my cd. we shared a silent pause while she clicked away at the computer screen. the first semi akward moment. she pressed play on a track called “leech” and the silence broke.
she finished setting up the cd to burn, and spun around to face me, i didnt really know what to say next. the whole thing kinda happened fast. i really didnt have time to soak it all in. so i was left standing there with this gorgeous women sitting down in front of me. she looked deep into my eyes for the first time. i didnt know what else to do but calmly and cooly return her gaze. the left side of my mouth cracked into a half smile. she smiled back, displaying her straight white teeth. “what color are my panties?” she asks me out of nowhere. still smiling at me and looking into my eyes. “uhmm white ?” i tell her. she puts her lips back together then gives me a smirk.” want me to take them off” she says coily with a raised eyebrow then looks down at her lap. “ok” i say. she stays seated and slowly pulls down her white cotton undies.

i notice shes not completely shaved. but has just the perfect amount of pubic hair. she gets off the computer chair, bends down to pick up her panties and puts her hand on my cock. shes rubbing firmly on the outside of my jeans, her lips are parted. i can feel her warm breath on my own lips. i lunge in to kiss her, but she backs away. she starts grabbing my cock and lightly squeezing it. she lets me put my hands under her skirt. i move my hands lightly over her soft ass cheeks, feeling the tiny hairs raise against my fingertips. i start to sqeeze. she still doesnt let me kiss her. she takes her panties in her hand and presses them on my face. i breathe them in heavily. she seems really turned on by this. she starts pressing her body hard on mine. her breath is like fire on my neck. i open my mouth a little and she pushes her small, warm wadded up panties inside. immediately she grabs my hand from off her ass and moves it to her pussy. shes so wet. she guides my hand all over her lips then plunges my fingers in. she uses my hand to fuck herself. her panties are almost completely in my mouth, she starts moaning loud.her hand is pressed tight over my mouth. im thinking im gunna cum in my jeans any second now. she contiues working my hand in and out of her body. then i see that shes bleeding, and my entire hand is covered in dark red menstrual blood.

A few days go by. i cant stop playing the cd she gave me. I text her that my girlfriend is leaving town for the weekend and that i’ll have the house to myself. She texts me back to pick her up at midnight. i have some trouble finding her place again, and i dont end up in front of her house til 12:45. She seems a little put off when i pick her up. I go in to give her a peck on the cheek and she looks away in annoyance. “can we go please?” She snaps. I start to feel bad for showing up so late, but i honestly didnt think she would be even remotely this upset. i turn the volume up on my cd player. the cd she made kicks on as i navigate back to my place. She asks me if i could turn it down, she says she has a headache. I turn down the volume and we drive the rest of the way in silence.
She seems unimpressed with my house when we get there. She walks around it like shes been in it before a million times. She doesnt ask where anything is. She finds the bathroom on her own and locks the door behind her. I wait for about ten minutes before i knock on the door. “are you alright?” i ask. She doesnt answer. I can hear small sobs coming from the other side of the door. I ask again if shes ok, then wait a while for a response. She starts crying louder, and i can see from the crack under the door that shes lying on the floor. “open the door please.” I calmly say. “let me in, whats wrong sweetheart?” Her voice is shaky and shes stammering, while inadvertantly taking large gulps of air. “please help me! Please help me!” she manages to say.”ok, let me in baby. Cmon open the door so i can help you.” I reply. the lock turns over and i walk in slowly to see her lying in her underwear on the floor. Her face all wet with tears, her make up running with her nose.
“you gotta help me pleeeeease!” She manically cries. Im confused and unsure of what i should do. “whats wrong? tell me whats wrong baby.” I say. She struggles to catch her breath, to subside the sobbing for at least a few breaths. She appears to be getting a grip on her self. Looking around the room she wipes her eyes, her breathing still heavy and shaky. She crawls towards me as i crouch down to her level. she hudles close to me and i wrap my arms around her. Shes shaking and rocking back and forth. Her gaze fixes on my crotch, determinantly she reaches forward and quickly unbuckles my belt, unzips my zipper and crams my unsuspecting dick in her mouth. the sobbing continues, though muted to a certain degree. I can hear her breathing through her stuffy nostrils. Her face is still glistening with tears. She looks up at me with wet eyes as she jerks me off against her warm red tongue.

theres alot more but i’ll get into that later. i need to sleep.

Luke Havergal