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yellow liquid knives

March 25, 2010

im at my uncle bobs house. uncle bob collects marvel figurines. the room im in is filled wall to wall with them and various other marvel paraphernalia. he’s letting me sleep here for a few days considering the condition im in.
the punks beat me up. lisa and i ended up hooking up after she told me that rock and her weren’t exclusive or whatever. so i stayed in her tent for a night. we fucked. she loved ass play. we had all sorts of crazy ass involved sex.¬†she even let me cum inside of her butt (which made me feel like a filthy king). and somewhere in there she ended up putting her tongue inside my ass while she tromboned my cock with her free hand… viola. my first anal orgasm.
cant say i didnt enjoy myself when i was with the punx. most of those guys were allright. it wasnt until the night after me and lisa fucked when things went haywire. apparently lisa got around to rock and his buddy jim the next day. soon after they were wailing in pain as the yellow liquid knives poured out of their newly diseased dicks.
didnt take em long to figure out where the clap had come from. im lucky to be alive. i was in the hospital over night in critical condition. it hurts to move still. several of my bones are broken including my jaw. i have a total of 8 stab wounds, mostly in my groin and kidney area, but also some on my face. the rest of me is black and blue all over and im missing more than a few of my pearly whites. other than that though im dandy.
i guess it wasnt enough for me to have next to nothing. apparently i have not yet learned the lesson im supposed to. now that last remnants of my possesions have been totalled, and my “health’ is hanging on by a thread. im beggining to see more and more what life is about.




March 2, 2010

well i guess you all see what has become of al this. a buncha goddamn bullshit. i cant keep up with anything. im too fucking jaded. its been so long since ive put anything in here.
things have been more or less the same. although many things are different. my girlfriend broke up with me. i got arrested and had to check into rehab for 8 weeks. i contracted a venereal disease (never trust a woman whos blouse matches her bra). i lost my apartment due to the rotting smell of dogflesh that began to overwhelm my unoccupied place.
i had no money for a while cuz my wallet was stolen and couldnt use my debit card and was stranded in a strange part of town for a while. actually i know that chick November took it off me before she gave me the clap. my cell phone was dead too and moreover i didnt feel like talking to anyone after what id been through.
i still dont remember much from that last night, but some things have come back to me. for one thing the urine i was covered in when i woke up in the gutter was Novembers. in fact that was voluntary, i was wasted and she said it was the only way for her to get off while she was on her rag. so i let her piss on me in the bath tub. shortly after she mustve had somebody drag me off in to the streets cause thats where i woke up.
it wasnt too long after when i got picked up by a squad car after attempting to take a bus. i stayed in the holding cell all night until i was transfered to county. i got off light at my hearing considering the amount of drugs in my system. 8 weeks in rehab. im out now, i have pretty much nothing left. like i said in previous posts, all my stuff had been stolen and pawned, my dog and girlfriend were both gone, my duplex apt taken away an account that i never took out the trash containing Spunky, and on top of it all it feels like burning knives when i take a piss.
how much longer can i go on i wonder?