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jack squat

March 16, 2010

today has been good. after living on/off the streets for a good while now, ive finally met up with some like minded folks. squatter punks! i was at jack in the box gettin some tacos with the coupla dollars i had from begging that morning when i saw this grungy looking young girl come in with her dog. apparently she had the same idea i did (i swear jack in the box is pure street food). the chick had been told to leave her dog outside, so she tied him to a handicapped sign in the parking lot. after i got my food and left i waited by the curb and played with her dog til she came back out. we clicked immediately. she thanked me for keeping an eye on her dog gizmo while she got her order. i told her it wasn’t a problem and  we got to talking while we ate our tacos in the parking lot. we seemed to be leading pretty comparable lifestyles.  she had gotten out of a rehab clinic a few weeks back and had been living on the streets ever since. i told her my sob story and she seemed to get what i was all about and understood where i was coming from. which up until this point i hadnt really had the opportunity to talk to anyone who was in the same situation as me, and not only that but she informed me that their was a big group of squatters she was with and welcomed me to join up with them.

not far from the jack in the box was some sort of undeveloped commercial building site. a few acres or so of uncleared land with tall trees and no fences. i told the chick, lisa, that i had been sleeping in either the all night laundromat or i would just stay up all night and sleep on a bus in the morning. it worked most of the time but it was beginning to become a hassle too. she asked why i hadnt invested in a tent and motioned to the bag she was carrying on her back. the thought never crossed my mind i told her.

the punks actually had a decent set up. the area they had set up camp at was far enough in the wooded area to not be visible from the street and even the noises of the city seemed to be cut off within the small confines. lisa introduced me to the rest of the guys. most of them were younger than me, they were sitting around a fire drinking lone star beer. they tossed me one and i plunked down to join them in their circle. i find out that most of them had either gotten out of rehab or county or had just ran away from their parents. it was cool to just hang out and shoot the shit with them. they all had such great stories, and i told them a few of my own too. i also find out that a few of the guys fancied themselves to be writers like myself. i compare notebooks with this one guy named Rock (literally the name on his drivers licence). he’s really skinny and bald and has several tattoos on his face and a big murder junkies back patch on his jacket. so far he’s the coolest one yet. i kinda pick up that him and lisa have a thing goin on, but it was cool since i hadnt been hitting on her or nuthin (though the thought had crossed my mind).

the suns starting to go down and the warm beers are running low.  the group gathers its cash together to procure a few bottles from the liqour store down the street. rock and lisa are the only ones in the group old enough to purchase it but they tell me that they keep getting shit from the guy at the liquor store, so i offer to go with them and pay for the bottles if they cant. i contribute the few bucks i had left from the morning to the stash and we’re on our way to buy some booze… and maybe make a pit stop at the jack in the box on the way back for some tacos if theres leftover cash.

-Luke Havergal


washateria whores

March 5, 2010

last nights joy was short lived. the cops came hard knocking on my front door a few minutes after i finished up the last post. it totally broke my mood. i nearly shat myself, they were knocking so hard. luckily i was on the toilet at the time, half asleep sipping on my warm colt 45. i didnt have anything to wipe myself with so i just used my hand and smeared the shit on the walls as i hurriedly exited out the back. not the best of ideas though, in my slow motion stupor i ended up cutting the fuck out of my ass wiping hand on the broken glass of the back window. the blood and shit mingled in my lacerated palm and stung like a mother fucker. but on the plus side evading the cops was easy, they stayed knocking on the front door while i hopped the fence to the neighbors backyard. i didnt know where i was going but at least i wasnt going back to jail i thought.

despite my bloody shitty hand i still felt pretty good off of the tussin. i figured i had a couple more hours left of the high, and taking a page from my highschool play book, i doubled my delight by chugging a few beers as i walked down the dark and empty neighborhood streets. boy that did the trick. i felt like some invisible savior as i strutted past the quiet houses. my head could hardly keep itself up and the whole world kept bobbing up and down and side to side.

i wandered the streets for a while, feeling careless and on top of the world, like a child without a bedtime curfew.

i ended up at a 24 hour laundromat. some gangly whorish chick was there finishing up a load when i stumbled in. she was folding her unmentionables in a brash and ostentatious manner, all the while casting taudry looks in my direction. i just smiled at her and returned a blood shot stare. she removed her bra from under her wifebeater and replaced it with another one from her finished load. i got  a good glimpse at her chest while she did this. she then gathered her load to leave. i did my best to shoot her a seductive stare through my glazed eyes as she walked past.

she smiled then stopped to lean down to the bench i was slumped on. “wanna hava good time baby?’ she asked . i looked down at her loose hanging top and had a perfect shot of her small tits pent up in her tiny red bra. definately a-cup i thought. sure i said, and started to get aroused. “do you have 50 bucks baby?” she said seductively. i told her i didnt but that i had some beers and i still wanted to have a good time. she stormed out, and didnt look back.

i was left alone in the laundromat. it was very late and the bright lights started to remind me of the holding cell i was in a few weeks back. i actually only had one beer left of the six pack. i guzzled it down and tossed it in one of the empty machines. i took a quick look around to make sure no ones around then took out my dick and started beating off with my defiled hand.