This one goes out to the one I love

I miss her kiss, the bittersweet sting and the mingling of our fluids. How she would sing me to comatose sleep (she’s the only dream I needed). and then waking up beside her meant that the day would be ok. She ran through my mind and body and assuredly my soul day after day… Her voluptuous embrace, her voice like a choir of angels, and her penetrating intellect and endless imagination kept me enthralled, mystified and always wanting more. She was beautiful, lust inspiring. Without her nothing made sense. Nothing mattered. 

My ancient scourge, my angel. I could die with you in my arms and be happy… 

To know her is to love her…

If marijuana is the girl next door, cocaine is a stripper, and meth is a toxic codependent. Then Heroin is the love of your life. She’s a brunette goddess, loving you unconditionally, through hell and squalor, she will be there to wrap her arms around you and everything else just disintergrates. You can never leave her. You would do anything to stay with her. Your whole world falls apart when she’s gone, even if you manage to make a break, she’ll always be the one. The only one. In the back of your mind. Unparalleled and irreplaceable. 
To know her is to know loss…
You’ll try to stay away. But she’s not hard to find and she’s always waiting with open arms for you to come back to her loving embrace. She’ll make the wrong right, remind you of what you left behind. You might try to keep it casual for a while, but that never works. You’ll get to be back right where you left off. The siren, the succubus, your love. 
To know her is to lose Everything.
Love of my life, I miss you more than I can even understand. But we both know I can’t stay anymore. So this last break is the last. I could never forget you, and you will forever haunt my dreams. 

I hope it was good for you too.

 Tear through this world and you’ll never find another like me either, the one that got away, xo

Luke Havergal


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