ive been honest with you all so far. Going into great detail about the SORDID details of my life. This mess of a life… I assumed that the end had come for me. Anticlimactic and ridden with squalor. Your humble scribe, believing he was damned, believing fate had robbed him, believing/thinking that what had gone before was it/all, and the future would go on, sans Himself… However time continues… 

There’s a great amount of situations, of desperation and pain that I’ve been through in the past years. Perhaps they will go unwritten. Or maybe one day those stories will be told. Maybe by others, maybe (one day) by me. But I’m choosing to move on. I’m choosing to not share that pain, desperation, or any of those situations… So consider the past an elipses…  
…for now.
The struggle and the hardships continue, as they do abound, as unmerciful as I am fatigued. So let us start a new. Allow me to begin again, dear readers, and I will, again, let you back into this sordid life… Renewed, unchanged, and as fucked up as ever.
-Luke Havergal


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